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Veronica Mars Wallpapers

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After flicking through all the communities thathad 'Veronica Mars' listed as an interest I found that there were no communities dedicted to VM wallpapers! So I decided to kick start this community with the hope of turning it into a similar idea as veronica_icons where people can post what you like, when you like, just so long as it is a VM wallpaper. :)

This is a Wallpaper Community people, that means no Veronica Mars discussion, or anything else, there are other communities for this! This is for wallpapers of the cast, characters, couples and episodes of the show, and I stress the wallpapers part!

I do have rules about posting though, so here we go:

1. If it's a spoilery piece, put the episode name up and then the art behind a cut.
2. No icons, or headers only posts, this is for wallpapers, if you have other graphics in your post that's fine.
3. If you are going to link to a post in your own journal please state that's where it is going so people know.
4. If you do link to a post in your own LJ please don't friends-lock it.
5. Please make thumbnails! Resizing your wallpaper to fit 200x150 in your post doesn't make it any easier on those with slower connections.
6. Please don't make thumbnails any larger than 300x225 as that is a bit excesive, but make them large enough for people to view, probably no smaller than 160x120.
7. If you are doing a post with more than one wallpaper please take into account those with slower connections and cut if you think it is necessary (I would recomend no more than two wallpapers before cutting the rest)
8. No stealing - please post only your own art!
9. No Hotlinking - do not hotlink from websites where other people's art is being housed.
10. No Spoilers - please remember some people in the UK haven't seen season two yet (though some of us have, :P) so if it's post season one just shove the episode name up and put the wallpaper behind a cut.

Now, I wasn't really certain what to write or my rules so I sort of used the rules at veronica_icons as guidance.

Other than that, please sign up and start posting all of your Veronica Mars wallpapers!!! :D